29 August 2006 @ 08:03 pm
( The one with the cross dressing )

[WAFFLES IN 134 132 RETURNS FOR A GLORIOUS SECOND SEASON. New regular character Lilly Kane is introduced, and we are reminded of our existing cast: Micheal J. Angelo, Henry "Indy" Jones, and Mel Fray. Only not all is as it seems... with special guest appearance by Bernard's brain. Millitmed to last Wednesday, of course.]
10 August 2005 @ 02:02 pm
(The One with the Snakes)

[Waffles in 134: It is demonstrated onces more why sleeping Slayers should be left to lie, as todays guests find the hosts in the aftermath of last night's terrible carnage. Indy's attempts to get to the bottom of Alanna's love life are cut short by the sudden appearance of a representative of the order Squamata. Unfortunately, no one informed the perpetrators of the recent switch in phobias between the boys. Guest starring Adam Young and Alanna of Trebond]
27 July 2005 @ 03:48 pm
(The One with the Lost Sheep...)

[Waffles in 134: Disaster is imminent in the suite as the chef is no where to be found and guests start to arrive, prompting a full-blown investigation. What do all the vampire references mean? Why is there waffle mix under the sink? What do Mel and Lilly actually get up to in 132? More importantly, where's Mikey? None of these questions answered satisfactorily in this week's action packed episode. Guest starring Barry Allen and Sara Sidle]
15 June 2005 @ 09:43 am

( Coffee machine 101... )

[Summary: Waffles in Room 134 - In this week's installment of the bar's own sitcom, Mel and Delia finally cross paths and struggle with 20th Century coffee making. Indy arrives in time to educate them both, and Mike shows up to get breakfast underway. But doom is ahead as he discovers that the waffle iron is still on the fritz after Indy's disastrous attempt to cook last week...]
08 June 2005 @ 03:38 pm
[Pre-Milliways: Waffle-related disaster]

After a strange morning in the suite, Indy went to look for Raph. Last time Mike had acted like this was when Raph had gone missing. Indy caught up with him on his way back to the roof. However, Raph seemed nothing more than his typically dour self. The surly ex-turtle had inferred that his brother's mood was probably related to Mel somehow, since they hadn't spoken for a while, and he'd warned Indy to just 'leave Mike be'. That was it. End of conversation.

Indy cares deeply about Mike and he has no lack of faith in or lack of respect for Raph. He is determined to get to the root of this, but without ignoring Raph's advice. So he heads purposefully back into the bar from outside.

But, annoyingly enough, there's no sign of Mel. With a grunt of irritation, he takes a stool at the bar and orders a bourbon and a pack of cigarettes. He can wait...

[Summary: Indy breaks Mel over his concern for Mike and her apparent involvement. Nothing comes to light about why Mike is distant though.]
04 May 2005 @ 11:18 am

( The waffle party... )

[Summary: In which Mel and Alanna drop by for brunch at Indy and Mike's. Many truths eventually come to light and Indy is made to pay for all his recent deception. Farcical fun, waffles by the truckload, mini!phants and camisole cameos. I can almost hear the canned laughter]