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[ happy hour ]

Ben Wade is greeted with a handful of surprises when he enters the bar.

One is delicious.

Another is unexpected, to say the least.

And the last, well. He never minds this particular request so much.

"Happy to," he tells the counter, while he withdraws what's sure to be a spectacular cherry tart from the basket at his elbow. "As long as you don't mind me askin' a favor of you."

A napkin appears.

"Now that's just lewd," he says, smirking. "Flattered as I am, I'll have to say no, ma'am. What I need is for you to hold on to a couple things for me -- if you'd be so kind, of course."

Moments later, Ben's signature black hat and his infamous gun are in Bar's care, where they'll remain for the next few weeks, if not months.

He gives the bartop an affectionate half-smile before rounding the counter, rolling up his shirtsleeves as he goes.

Not long afterward, the specials board bears his uniform scrawl.

milk punch
bourbon coffee

While he waits for customers, he helps himself to that tart -- which is, predictably, delectable -- and a glass of milk punch.

[ ooc: open for business all day and most of the evening, y'all. have at! and we're closed for the night, as of 11:03 p.m. EST — thanks for tagging, everybody! I'll pick up slows asap tomorrow for all who want 'em. ]
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"Mm-hmm," Bill says in agreement, breaking off a piece of his roll so he can dip it in his coffee.

"She was sellin' stuff out here awhile back. I probably bought half of what she had."
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"Not too sure about that. I ate all I had in one go, anymore would've been beggin' for a belly ache." Bill laughs.

A drop of water runs down his ear, and Bill wipes it away.

"Think I can get a towel from you?"
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Bill starts toweling off, glancing back at the rat.

"Y'know, the bar back home don't ever complain about a little mess."

Bill drapes the towel around his neck, and turns back to Ben.

"No floodin' yet, but a big rain storm is tryin' to fix that. Nothin' like answerin' calls in a downpour."
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Bill eyes Ben, then shakes his head.

"After a long Carolina summer I guess I can say no to that."

That doesn't mean Bill has to like the rain, though.

"Can't win for losin'."