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[ happy hour ]

Ben Wade is greeted with a handful of surprises when he enters the bar.

One is delicious.

Another is unexpected, to say the least.

And the last, well. He never minds this particular request so much.

"Happy to," he tells the counter, while he withdraws what's sure to be a spectacular cherry tart from the basket at his elbow. "As long as you don't mind me askin' a favor of you."

A napkin appears.

"Now that's just lewd," he says, smirking. "Flattered as I am, I'll have to say no, ma'am. What I need is for you to hold on to a couple things for me -- if you'd be so kind, of course."

Moments later, Ben's signature black hat and his infamous gun are in Bar's care, where they'll remain for the next few weeks, if not months.

He gives the bartop an affectionate half-smile before rounding the counter, rolling up his shirtsleeves as he goes.

Not long afterward, the specials board bears his uniform scrawl.

milk punch
bourbon coffee

While he waits for customers, he helps himself to that tart -- which is, predictably, delectable -- and a glass of milk punch.

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Teja is leaning on the bar, looking at the board.

"Milk punch?" he says.
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"You know," says the fellow in Marine Corps fatigues as he makes his way up to the Bar, "I ain't normally the sort to mix liquor'n wake-up juice, but shit if that bourbon coffee don't sound like a good idea just now."

Something down by his feet makes an oddly electronic-sounding mrrryip? noise.

"You be quiet, Mrs. Wilson. You ain't gettin' nothin' but water, not in your condition."
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Have a baker, Ben.

A baker carrying a sleeping baby, in fact, looking tired but otherwise all right. Babysitting is nothing new.

"Hi there, barkeep," she says with a smile for Ben.
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Once again, he has his head down over his tobacco pouch as he crosses the threshold into this peculiar place. A glance around reveals that it is not the saloon he was expecting, but as his agenda consisted solely of alleviating his hangover with the hair of the dog, it matters not. (And not that he puts much stock in appearances, he finds himself relieved to not be in his long johns this time.)

He selects the nearest stool and occupies it with a groan like a rusted cemetery gate. One eye peers at the board, and then across at the man behind the bar.

"What kinda saloon serves milk punch?"
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Elrond looks at the specials board, speculativly.
Then he looks at the Man behind the counter and asks, "Which choice would you recommend?"

He's shedding his outer, dark grey wool robe as he speaks, having just gotten in from someplace quite a bit cooler than this. Underneath he is wearing a blue linen tunic dotted with white delicate embroidered blossoms, down the sleeves. His hair is pulled back and his ears and eyes are very visible.
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"I ain't sure I like the sound of 'milk punch'," Doc muses aloud, as he approaches the counter and catches Ben's attention. "Though I will take a bourbon coffee with a bourbon on the side."

It's been a Day and a half, out back.
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The front door opens to a rain shower and a man in uniform.

Bill ducks in and shuts the door on the weather behind him.

His shoulders relax a fraction when he has a look around, and he gives the door a grateful pat before heading for the counter.

There's only tthe smallest hesitation on Bill's part when he sees who's tending before Bill sits down.

Pulling off his cap, Bill runs a hand through his wet hair.

"Can I get some of that coffee?"
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McCabe looks up at the board and shakes his head. The clientele at his saloon hadn't really been the cocktail type. Neither was he.

He sits down at the bar. "Double shot of whiskey," he says. He skips the egg this time. Right now he's only looking to get drunk as economically as possible.
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Jim sits down and raises an eyebrow. "The hell's milk punch?"
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Dixie's had just enough bourbon over the past couple of days, so when she sees Ben after a very (very!) long time, she has to sashay over and give him the business.

"Hmm. I wonder what your favorite drink might be."

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