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When he enters the bar today, Kylo is slightly shocked at how much he feels in the Force. It's stronger than his last visit. This requires some looking into.

To do so, he's slowly and quietly creeping his way around the bar proper, for now, to see if he can determine any source of what he feels. If there's nothing inside, he'll try the outdoors later.
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Chirrut huffs a ragged laugh - with the way their luck is running right now, that dead king is on duty today.

"It wouldn't do to make them work on such a sunny day." Chirrut agrees, but the smile that is supposed to go with that laugh gets lost somewhere, trapped in the watchfulness that he can't shake quite yet.

"Through the kitchen door, I think - I don't want to do that again." He sighs as he turns and hooks his staff up and into his hands again.
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"Yes," Baze agrees. "Yes." He steps forward towards the bar, dismayed to find that his hands are shaking. While he was firing at the man in black, his hands were steady, but now that the adrenaline has run its course, Baze is rattled. He never used to be so shaken after a fight, but this man was a Force user, and Baze has never seen tricks that powerful. Freezing him, freezing blaster bolts, and deflecting them with that lightsaber? That man was no Jedi, but it would be harder to kill him than just point and shoot, like Baze is so used to doing with his foes.

And now he and Chirrut have made another enemy in heaven.

"His lightsaber," Baze says as they walk, thrusting his hands into the pockets of his jumpsuit. "What was wrong with it?"
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Chirrut is silent for a long moment as they trek towards the kitchens, detouring through the gardens where they met Rae.

"It's the kyber." He says, finally, a low pained sound. "It's cracked, it's... screaming, it..."

The last of the adrenaline from the fight evaporates, leaving him feeling washed-out and exhausted. Light-headed, he's unable to keep his knees from going out from under him. He crashes into... something fragrant, citrusy. Not a comfortable place to land.
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"Chirrut!" Baze says, kneeling next to where his friend crashed into the lemon-thyme plants, grabbing onto his shoulders to steady him. "Shh, easy, easy."

Baze cradles Chirrut against his chest, tucking him in the one comfortable space between Baze's arm and his armor, where Chirrut won't brush up against the cold metal. "When you're ready to stand, we can go back to our rooms, and have the rats bring us some sapir."
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Chirrut laughs, more real this time - exasperated (mostly at himself) and fond (entirely of Baze).

"The Force is my ally, but fighting a Force-user is no walk in the park. It's a good thing you shot him, I couldn't avoid that blade forever." He grins sloppily, tugging on a lock of Baze's hair. "My protector."

He sighs.

"Alright, I'm not getting any younger. Up we get."
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Baze beams at his friend. "You're the master here, don't forget it."

He doesn't even want to think about what would have happened had Chirrut been hit by that beam, so he doesn't. He pushes those thoughts aside, getting to his feet and helping his friend up, like Baze always does.