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Ysalwen steps through the front door, looking lighter and less troubled than she has in weeks. Having your apprentice settled into a Tal-Vashoth mercenary team -- the Valo-Kas, as it happens -- will do that. Particularly given that they are newly formed, though taking in members of several different mercenary bands with a great deal of experience.

Meraad liked them, and James found very little to complain about with any of its members, so.

Ysalwen settles herself at a corner booth, pulling out her tablet-book and pulling up three holographic windows. One contains a complicated nuclear decay simulation, another has some sort of energetics equations on it, and the third is playing Die Hard. She's been told it's a quite interesting play, and so.

Liranan has settled underneath her chair, ready to take a nap while she works. He may come out when the movie's gunfire starts, or he might just roll his eyes and go back to sleep.
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"There's that. But it's easy to access, low effort entertainment -- a day out doing stuff that doesn't involve that much traveling or work," Yamato says, a little wryly.
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"Absolutely," Yamato says, very solemnly and definitely without a slight twitch of a smile. "You know how many people I've met who've never even left the city? It's a lot of people."

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Thoughtfully: "Well, hikikomori are a thing, I suppose."
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"It might not have come up here from anybody else, it's a -- thing that's specific to my country, and mostly just to my city. Since it's so difficult to find privacy or even just somewhere quiet outside your front door, and there's so much pressure on people to fit a particular model of being a successful member of society, that some people just refuse to leave their rooms for years because the stress is too much."

Yamato can sort of understand that!

Hell, it's the precipice that Jyou teeters on, sometimes.
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"It's pretty terrible. There's been a lot of talk in the news about how we'll soon be hitting the point where the earliest hikikomoris could've been suffering from it for twenty years."

Which is definitely pretty bad.

"Anyway, what's been up with you? You seem to be pretty hard at work with, er -- stuff I don't really understand from looking at it."
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"Out of all of us, I think Jyou and Koushiro are the most likely to end up feeling like that."

"But Yamato's a close third," Gabumon adds. "Probably."

Yamato reaches up to give Gabumon a quick nudge. Then: "That's pretty awesome for Meraad. As far as the work goes, Iiii -- yeah, I'm okay with physics, but nuclear decay curves might be beyond me. Is this all related to something here, or in your world?"

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"Quentin introduced us to Chuck. Guy with the giant robot and the even bigger collection of Hardy Boys novels, right?" Yamato asks.

He tries not to bristle at the implication that he isn't always upfront and honest about how he's doing. He's so honest about his emotions, Ysalwen! So very honest.

"Maybe about twenty percent worried," Gabumon says. "Could go up to twenty-five percent in future."
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The slightly strangled sound Yamato makes is probably the result of his body trying to spit-take without any drink to do so with.

"They're -- they're detective novels. I've never read any," because they're not exactly big with the 21st century Japanese teen crowd, "but I think they're all about, like, family values and solving small-town crimes with gumption and shit like that."

Gabumon nods solemnly at Ysalwen's budgeting remark. "That's very wise."
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"No, no, that's probably true, although I -- do I want to know what the Randy Dowager's Quarterly is?"

Given how there is just the slightest strained crack in his usual gruff grumble on 'Randy Dowager's Quarterly,' it's possible that what he's imagining is fairly terrible.
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"I think literary, um, erotica is a pretty vanishingly small niche market in my time and place."

It's not.

"But anyway, tell me about this mercenary group that Meraad joined, they sound interesting, hopefully a good match for her."
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"Sounds like you got the best possible outcome for her," Yamato says, with a momentary smile. "Are you going to be taking another apprentice?"
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"Makes sense. I, er, do wonder if there aren't maybe a lot of young mages who need that kind of help. To one extent or the other, at least."

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