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Ysalwen steps through the front door, looking lighter and less troubled than she has in weeks. Having your apprentice settled into a Tal-Vashoth mercenary team -- the Valo-Kas, as it happens -- will do that. Particularly given that they are newly formed, though taking in members of several different mercenary bands with a great deal of experience.

Meraad liked them, and James found very little to complain about with any of its members, so.

Ysalwen settles herself at a corner booth, pulling out her tablet-book and pulling up three holographic windows. One contains a complicated nuclear decay simulation, another has some sort of energetics equations on it, and the third is playing Die Hard. She's been told it's a quite interesting play, and so.

Liranan has settled underneath her chair, ready to take a nap while she works. He may come out when the movie's gunfire starts, or he might just roll his eyes and go back to sleep.
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Rolling her eyes, Lois gives her a wry look.

"Yeah, seems like. People all have their things, and some of them are pretty hard. Plus the kind of stuff you really can't talk about. You should hear Dad telling Mom about his day without being able to give details on, like. Pretty much anything."

Liranan is getting the pets of a girl who's really never been able to have pets, and isn't actually sure she'd want critters of her own but likes ones that she can give back at the end of the day. But there's that feeling, when you've never been able to settle, and a critter couldn't come with everywhere, constantly.

Home's a feeling like that, too.

"Nothing too massive. Fit in our backyard without needing a hazmat team or bomb squad, anyway. Dad would get in some pretty serious trouble with the brass if it went that far."

She tilts her head.

"Think Bar would help us get the stuff for it, or should I try to haul it over from home? Problem is not being able to predict doors."
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"It's just basic chem lab stuff. Dad probably wouldn't let us use Thermite even with him there."

Meaning Lois has, in fact, thought about it.

She lists it off--and yes, half of it is totally invented alterna-Earth substances, pretend it makes sense. The combination should be perfectly harmless, unless there's enough to make enough smoke to merit evacuating a room or there's unreasonably much.
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"Maybe it would come off better from you," Lois suggests helpfully. "Adult supervision etcetera."

She doesn't hope too much that it's possible to mislead Bar about the intent and who actually had the idea--but hey. She can hope, right?