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Ysalwen steps through the front door, looking lighter and less troubled than she has in weeks. Having your apprentice settled into a Tal-Vashoth mercenary team -- the Valo-Kas, as it happens -- will do that. Particularly given that they are newly formed, though taking in members of several different mercenary bands with a great deal of experience.

Meraad liked them, and James found very little to complain about with any of its members, so.

Ysalwen settles herself at a corner booth, pulling out her tablet-book and pulling up three holographic windows. One contains a complicated nuclear decay simulation, another has some sort of energetics equations on it, and the third is playing Die Hard. She's been told it's a quite interesting play, and so.

Liranan has settled underneath her chair, ready to take a nap while she works. He may come out when the movie's gunfire starts, or he might just roll his eyes and go back to sleep.
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"I wouldn't either," Usually the conversation focuses on that fact that he's from a world with space travel and moves that way.
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"Yes, I'd also be curious to know the kinds of cultures that use them. Are they always conquerors and occupiers?"
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"No, I spend most of my time in the garage. I keep meaning to look it over,"

Books have never been a large part of his experience, they belong to the Core and worlds he's not truly of.
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"It doesn't have an end? Does anything here?"

Milliways keeps growing the more he learns of it.
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He takes a drink with a smile, "I know Jay's trying to do some mapping of the garage. Has anyone done that for the library?"
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"From my experience it does. The ship I'm working on is always where I've left it."
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"How strange. I'll have to notice more in the garage to see if it does that."
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"Magical books, what do they do?"
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"Huh, I've never heard of anything like that."
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"There's the Force but I don't know if it works the same way. Only certain people can really feel and understand it. I never have, until I came here, it was always something more out of stories than reality for me,"

And even in Milliways, it never feels fully of his world.
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"If they're a Force user than they'd know better than I would. What do you mean, same place?"

He's probably not going to understand but he'd like to know more.
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Cassian listens and takes a sip of his drink as he processes that,

"I see. The way I've heard it explained is that the Force is in all life, which would be different, but either way not everyone can feel them."
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