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Ysalwen steps through the front door, looking lighter and less troubled than she has in weeks. Having your apprentice settled into a Tal-Vashoth mercenary team -- the Valo-Kas, as it happens -- will do that. Particularly given that they are newly formed, though taking in members of several different mercenary bands with a great deal of experience.

Meraad liked them, and James found very little to complain about with any of its members, so.

Ysalwen settles herself at a corner booth, pulling out her tablet-book and pulling up three holographic windows. One contains a complicated nuclear decay simulation, another has some sort of energetics equations on it, and the third is playing Die Hard. She's been told it's a quite interesting play, and so.

Liranan has settled underneath her chair, ready to take a nap while she works. He may come out when the movie's gunfire starts, or he might just roll his eyes and go back to sleep.
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That's... an awfully specific question.

"There are thousands of civilizations in my galaxy," she says, slowly. "They haven't all existed since the first species traveled into space, and some of the ones that existed back then don't now."

Hera takes a moment, trying to decide how to put that together. "It's not one line, through one civilization. But once the tech for hyperspace travel was shared, there's been no stopping it."
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"I've heard a lot about it."

She smiles, and shakes her head. "But I've never stayed here long enough to look that far."
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"And I'd guess you can actually read the books there," she says.

"But it doesn't sound like there's a way to fly the ships in the garage."

There are a lot of things to learn from a grounded ship, but Hera also can't help but feel that a ship she can't fly is about as useful as shoes for a Hutt.
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"Maybe," Hera allows.

"But I'd still be a little worried about tearing this place apart."
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With a small smile, "He seems very well-behaved."

She might be imagining how Chopper would treat the wait staff if he showed up here. It... might be for the best hat he hasn't.
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"He, uh -"

Beat. "- was you?"
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"I... think I'm glad I missed that."

Hera would really rather stay in her own body, thanks.
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"The magic?" Hera asks.
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After a moment, Hera answers, "We don't normally use those kinds of words."

But it's not exactly a 'no.'
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Hera takes her time in answering. She doesn't see reluctantly, but like she's choosing her words carefully.

"There's something in our universe that we call the Force. Certain people are sensitive to it, and that gives them abilities most don't have."

She lets out a breath. "Some species call that magic, but that's not very common now."
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Hera pauses, and then shrugs.

"I think some in the galaxy use 'magic' for things that aren't possible through the Force, but..."

She lets that trail off for a moment, and then, "I'm not a Force user. I don't really know that much about it, or what those possibilities are."
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A little more quietly, "There aren't... that many of them left in our galaxy now, either."

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