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Captain Cassian Andor ([personal profile] childofrebellion) wrote in [community profile] milliways_bar2017-08-09 07:49 pm
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Happy Hour

OOM: Cassian dreams of his childhood.

Cassian enters Bar with his shirt collar open, his face a little wet from where he put cold water on to wake himself up and adjusting his blaster belt. Its evening in Milliways and he goes to the counter and gets a napkin which he stares at with a nod. Then goes behind the counter, smiles at another napkin and mixes himself a margarita since he could do with some tequila.

Dead Mans Boots
Gone Tomorrow
War Cloud

Once the specials are up, he sips his drink and looks for anyone he knows, trying to feel more awake and not note where every child is in Milliways.

Tiny tag: Cassian Andor
OOC: Open for ages, the OOM contains death, destruction and a child dealing with both in a nightmare/memory.

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