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The front door opens and a tall and broad figure steps in. Heavy boots fall on the wooden floorboards and in his wake is a trail best described as 'yuck'.

In fact Red is coated in the mess, slimy glop that drips down his shoulders and back in pale green, boogery strands. Each foot fall is marked with a squelching sound and a sticky boot-print and when he stops at the counter a huge blob of the junk slops off the ends of his trench coat and hits the floor with a wet 'SPLAT'.

"Gimme a beer and a Baby Ruth," Hellboy requests and Bar provides, along with a stack of super-sized bath towels.

Red takes a seat, ignoring the towels for now in favor of tearing open the wrapper on the candy bar and taking a big bite which gets washed down with beer.

It's been a day.
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"Good evening, Red-san."

The first time they met, and the last time they saw each other, they had been handcuffed together by one of Bar's little holiday pranks.

"It looks like you had a very eventful day, yes?"
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"One would hope so. That amount of mess should ideally be accompanied by fun."

If not, it's kind of a misery multiplier.
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"Hm. How giant? Car-sized, house-sized...?"

It's relevant to the fun quotient, you see.
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"Well. A good thing you got rid of it then - although I imagine the cleanup will be rather complicated."

Between a bus-sized mound of bugflesh and all the accompanying slime? Seimei's glad he doesn't have that job.
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Seimei sighs. "Well, while you are dealing with giant slugs, I am dealing with the folly of men. And I mean the sort of folly which can get a lot of people killed."

Technically he's not supposed to be dealing with this particular folly, but he'll be damned if he puts his country in danger for someone else's policy of non-involvement.
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Seimei sighs. "We have a troublesome neighbor who may soon prove even more troublesome than usual. I am trying to make sure that we can contain any damage."

Well, that's vague all right.
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Seimei chuckles. "I am sorely tempted to do something like that, but he would no doubt take it out on someone else. And he is too rich to answer his own door anyway."
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"Saber-rattling and threatening to bomb a nearby island. Not one of ours, but who knows what he will do if he panics."

Yep. The "unpleasant neighbor" is a certain dictator on the Korean peninsula.
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"No. I have raised the idea of targeted assassination or some similar measure, but mages do not like to get involved in ordinary politics that way." A stance Seimei disagrees with, but he's in the minority.
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Seimei laughs. "I am tempted to, at times! But that would make things very difficult for me in the long term."
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"You, I suspect, depend very much upon your own strength. I depend on alliances and a good reputation." Pause. "I do punch demons though. Often metaphorically, sometimes literally."

It's just, he doesn't punch all the things.
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"Sabotage or what is known colloquially as a Murphyonic field seem to be the best options."

Basically, breaking stuff quietly, with magic.
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"One part bleach to two parts oxyclean, you'll need a fume hood and an insurance waiver but that'll take ectoplasm out of anything." Advises the lean blonde who has her feet up at a table not too far away as she happily disembowels a laptop. "Wouldn't leave your hands in it too long, I'm thinking... extensive skin grafts."
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"Did you get a really big saltshaker?" She asks, laughing, but immediately corrects herself "Though, no, something mechanized would be better, though you'd have to coat the salt or the weapon somehow to prevent corrosion over time..."

"You know, I think I have the parts for that." Her grin may be part of what powers New York City, yep.