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bprd_agent_red ([personal profile] bprd_agent_red) wrote in [community profile] milliways_bar2017-08-10 03:37 pm
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The front door opens and a tall and broad figure steps in. Heavy boots fall on the wooden floorboards and in his wake is a trail best described as 'yuck'.

In fact Red is coated in the mess, slimy glop that drips down his shoulders and back in pale green, boogery strands. Each foot fall is marked with a squelching sound and a sticky boot-print and when he stops at the counter a huge blob of the junk slops off the ends of his trench coat and hits the floor with a wet 'SPLAT'.

"Gimme a beer and a Baby Ruth," Hellboy requests and Bar provides, along with a stack of super-sized bath towels.

Red takes a seat, ignoring the towels for now in favor of tearing open the wrapper on the candy bar and taking a big bite which gets washed down with beer.

It's been a day.

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