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Bodhi Rook ([personal profile] imthepilot) wrote in [community profile] milliways_bar2017-08-12 12:24 am

AU week 2017

OOM: On the eve of the Battle of Endor, Rebellion General Bodhi Rook is sent on a mission to extract Imperial scientists. He finds himself face to face with someone he never thought he’d see again. Someone he’d buried, along with his heart.

[Warnings for trauma, violence, potentially suicidal contemplation, serious relationship tension, and minor misuse of archaeological sites.}

“There’s should be a kitchen through here.” Bodhi says over his shoulder as he pushes the door open.

Into a room he doesn’t know. If there was a cantina attached to the base, everyone would be here and drunk by now. He steps in and to one side, his flesh hand drifting towards his blaster as the skeletal durasteel fingers of his prosthetic curl into a ready fist.

"What is wrong?" Galen asks. He doesn't know the base yet, but this place seems oddly calm. As if the Empire hadn't just fallen.

“This isn’t part of Delta Base.” Bodhi scans the room. “Stay put, I’ll find out.”

{Tag one or both, please say which so we know who to tag. Bodhi’s AU description is here. Warnings for slowtime given timezones and RL interference.}

[tinytag - Bodhi Rook, Galen Erso]

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