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Wilford Warfstache ([personal profile] cottoncandypink) wrote in [community profile] milliways_bar2017-08-11 02:31 pm
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Wilford Warfstache - AU Week

The door opens, and a dog trots through, stopping only to shake off a torrent of water from its fur. It's holding some sort of tentacle in its mouth. The tentacle is still writhing.

A few seconds later, the dog's owner steps through. Seeing where he is, Will breathes a deep sigh of relief and takes off his coat, shaking an even bigger torrent of water from it. After that, he and his dog make their way to the fireplace, where he immediately begins shedding as many layers as he can while still being in compliance of the "no nudity" rule, and hanging everything up on chairs to dry. From his boots, he pours out even more water.

With that taken care of, Will leans back into one of the sofas and tips his hat down over his eyes, hoping to maybe get a bit of rest after that ordeal.

[ooc: Wilford is from the Pirates of the Caribbean universe, and brings with him all of the monsters and mayhem from it.]

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