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Abe no Seimei: Terra Ignota AU

The door opens on a gleaming city where the neon fires of commerce light curving metal walls, and flying cars dart through the air in a complicated dance. Crowds throng the streets, from booted Humanists and gentle Cousins to somber Masons and laughing Europeans.

Someone detaches themself from the crowd and slips through the door: a man, a Utopian, their eyes covered by a silvery vizor, their Griffincloth coat currently displaying a twilit, overgrown temple garden. A green sensayer's scarf winds loosely around their neck.1 They quietly but firmly shut the door, cutting off the sights and sounds of the city.

(On the Griffincloth coat coat, a three-tailed kitsune emerges from behind a tree, sniffs the air, twitches its tails, and bounds off out of sight.)

"Ah! What a welcome surprise! And fortunate too: I need some new material." The Utopian reaches into their coat and pulls out a small notebook and pen, so they can sketch anyone particularly interesting for possible later use in one of their books.

(They might be sketching you.)

1For a more in-depth description of Abe no Seimei Akira Miyazaki's outfit, please see his profile.

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