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[OOC: Padawan Sabine Wren's AU.]

Sabine comes into the bar tossing a bolt into the air. At the apex, the bolt slows and floats for a moment longer than it should, before falling to land in her palm.

(Practicing with the Force is all well and good, but she has no way of knowing if Imperial sympathizers are present in bar at the moment. Best to play it safe.)

"Caf, please. Mandalorian if you have it." She's dressed in armor, dull and not quite painted (yet), and a drab green poncho. Twin blaster rest in the holsters at her hips and her hair is various shades of red. (Here's some fan art for a visual.)
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There's a rebel officer sitting at the bar, his back to a wall and a mug of thick Jedha caf cradled between mismatched hands.

He gives her a polite nod. Sharp, dark eyes missing nothing.
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He watches coolly. He recognises that she's signalling him but the codes have changed and changed again in the years between them.

But he does shed his jacket, the Alliance starbird emblem flashing from the inner lining as he lays it over the back of his seat.

The sleeveless vest underneath revels a network of scars, burn scars especially over his back. However the skin around the top of the prosthetic is clean and smooth - a surgical amputation rather than a violent one.
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"Very good. And always fresh." Bodhi nods with a solider's tired appreciation for stimulants.