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AU Week EP

Noriko comes through the door looking...essentially not at all like her usual self. In place of the usual modern and rather baring clothes, she's in polished boots and a fitted waistcoat, pulling at a black knotted neckcloth. Her hair is neatly queued back with a securely tied black ribbon, and from the securely-stitched leather harness (that thankfully somewhat obscures the fact that she's wearing breeches) hangs a short sword.

It isn't the typical British boarding sabre, because the person wearing it isn't a typical British officer, despite the captain's bars on her bottle-green coat. A coat which she is hurriedly shedding, because she really quite hates wearing it, leaving her in shades of cream and white in her shirtsleeves. However, upon not finding the valet that should be by the door, she stops and looks up: then over, at what ought to have been an open door and the lieutenant she'd last seen on the other side of it, seeing neither.

"Ah. Well," she says to herself, and re-folds the letters, carefully hanging her jacket on a nearby coat tree.

If only she had the faintest idea where she was, collecting herself might be a somewhat faster process.

[ooc: AU week Noriko is a go! She's coming from the Temeraire series of books by Naomi Novik, and is a captain in the British Aerial Corps under somewhat...peculiar circumstances.]
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Long minutes later, the door shifted appearance, and some loud crashing could be heard and then a man in a lieutenants uniform resembling hers somewhat, with a pistol in one hand and sabre in the other, came tumbling in. There was a brief glimpse of a large dragon foot on the other side and a tail swinging back for another swing, and then the door slammed shut behind him.

Looking grim, his eyes skimmed around the room, looking for danger and his... "Captain!" He was on his feet and moving toward her, arms still out as he surveyed their new atmosphere and placement.

"Gotten ourselves into a bit of a bloody mess, Captain?"

The pistol went away, and the sabre slowly followed, as he took in her less than alarmed features.

One Remy Lebeau, lieutenant and first rigger to Captain Noriko, presenting for duty for AU week.
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After a hug that was only slightly a cover for checking for injuries, he smiled at her, rubbing his neck, looking not at all sheepish.

"Ah, well, begging your pardon, but you vanished through a door that shut and would not open. So, me and the lads and lasses got the idea to use a battering ram, only a couple of the dragons got involved, too, see, and now, well... here I am."

He frowned as he looked back to see the door was gone.

"What kind of tomfoolery is going on?"
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Remy shrugged and grinned at her. He liked her, and he also worried about her, during combat. She was tougher than him by far.

"...maybe." Yes, exactly that. Because doors that locked and wouldn't open to the right key bothered dragons too. It wasn't a hard sell.

"Damn. That she didn't know, while that made sense, took some of the wind out of his sails. "Outside that door, yes. In here? I don't think so." He eyes had found the Window, and he was trying his best not to stare.

"Ah, Captain? Ever read any of those science fantasy rags Pennington reads?" One of his hands landed on her shoulder and the other pointed.
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"Seems as close as anything I can imagine. Had a chance to read some while flying a couple of times."

He looked around, then back to her. "I've got no clue what is going on, but we seem to be secure, not taking fire, and not in immediate danger. Six exits that I can see from here, and... no smell of fire of any kind or of lightning in the air." Which meant that maybe, just maybe, they were safe.

Cut off from civilization, he had no idea what to do.
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He nodded, sharing a small smile at her, then slid an arm around her, just holding her close. "Aye. We should find a seat, and see if we can get some answers. Maybe someone else of these people knows how that door works."

But he kept his arm around her, because she was his rock, and he really could use that steadiness now.
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Finding a seat and settling to it next to her, he nodded. "Figures. Hopefully it will release us, within a short time."

He didn't want to be separated from her dragon either.

"I'm just glad we're together."
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"Non. I don't think so, at all. This is... too nice for a purgatory." And he shrugged. "And I always thought I would remember dying."

He felt that their lives would lead to such, a rather loud and definite death.

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Something feels off about the place today, and Logan is suspicious.

When he spots Noriko, or more accurately Noriko's dress and the scents coming off of her, he realizes he's wandered into some damned Bar thing.

Taking her in, he grumbles to himself before speaking up, "Somethin' wrong, darlin'?"
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"That a fact?" He doesn't look all that impressed.

Still, he will try and be nice as he works to figure out what the hell is going on this time.

"Y'look lost."
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"It's Milliways, bar at the end of universe," he says, then gives the observation window a nod. "Out there if y'wanna see it."

He doesn't bother to look himself, just goes on to explain, "Basically the front door can open to anywhere and all sorts of folks come in. First drink's free."
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"It can help, especially when you see who's servin'," he says with a bit of a smirk. "The rats and magic bar do a good job, but it takes a while t'get used to it all."

Unless you're world is crazy and screwed up like Logan's, then most of the particulars of Milliways are pretty easy to roll with. Including alternate versions of people he knows.
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"C'mon, take a load off. I'll show you how it works," he says, nodding towards the counter then moving over to park himself on a stool.

"Just ask for what y'want."
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Logan waits, as always patient when he wants to be.

After her drink appears he gives it a nod, then orders himself a beer; lifting it and taking a swig with no hesitation.

"You'll get used t'the weird shit like that. Or you won't and you'll lose yer marbles. Guess it mostly depends on how yer own world is an' how used to crazy you are."