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Noriko Ashida ([personal profile] electro_kinetic) wrote in [community profile] milliways_bar2017-08-11 05:44 pm

AU Week EP

Noriko comes through the door looking...essentially not at all like her usual self. In place of the usual modern and rather baring clothes, she's in polished boots and a fitted waistcoat, pulling at a black knotted neckcloth. Her hair is neatly queued back with a securely tied black ribbon, and from the securely-stitched leather harness (that thankfully somewhat obscures the fact that she's wearing breeches) hangs a short sword.

It isn't the typical British boarding sabre, because the person wearing it isn't a typical British officer, despite the captain's bars on her bottle-green coat. A coat which she is hurriedly shedding, because she really quite hates wearing it, leaving her in shades of cream and white in her shirtsleeves. However, upon not finding the valet that should be by the door, she stops and looks up: then over, at what ought to have been an open door and the lieutenant she'd last seen on the other side of it, seeing neither.

"Ah. Well," she says to herself, and re-folds the letters, carefully hanging her jacket on a nearby coat tree.

If only she had the faintest idea where she was, collecting herself might be a somewhat faster process.

[ooc: AU week Noriko is a go! She's coming from the Temeraire series of books by Naomi Novik, and is a captain in the British Aerial Corps under somewhat...peculiar circumstances.]

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