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Yamato Ishida ([personal profile] angry_friendship_wolf) wrote in [community profile] milliways_bar2017-08-12 01:33 am
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AU Week: Yamato and Sangloupmon

Look at this totally non-suspicious teenager with his non-suspicious Garurumon-pelt-patterned hoodie (for 'what, no, I'm a Digimon, have you not seen my telltale Garurumon-family markings' reasons, and maybe also for nostalgic reasons) and his non-suspicious way of avoiding everyone's eyes while also keeping all the exits in sight at all times.

He is the very picture of easygoing calm, probably!

He also appears to be alone as he settles at one corner of the Bar, keeping a watchful eye on the stairs, the front door, and the door to the back -- but anyone who's looking might note that his shadow is pointing in the wrong direction, and seems to be moving on its own at times.

[AU Yamato and (currently concealed in his shadow) Sangloupmon, who is an AU Gabumon! Write-up is here.]

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