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Willie's already had a narrow escape from some...fairy servant...thrall...who-knows-what. Which really she should have expected, since she appears to have stepped into a magic land. Still, it's got her a little unsettled, along with--well, the whole magic land thing. It's a bit much, right? When you were just expecting to go into the kitchen and sort out why the porridge has been burnt the last three mornings running?

So she helps herself to a bottle of wine from behind the bar and sets up camp at a table where she can keep an eye on everything.

...You know, you have to say this for magic lands, the wine is really good.

((AU Week: William Douglas is Wilhelmine Douglas. It's her first time in the bar.))
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Here comes Hotspur, tramping by, temper foul-- she can't believe she's still here.

She sees the girl with the wine, casts a glance in her direction, but doesn't take much notice.
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She turns to the girl with an incredulous look. "Am I human? Why, yes. Do I look otherwise?"
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"Then you cannot have looked far, or long, for this place lacks not for people," Harry says flatly.
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Harry rolls her eyes. "Trust a Scot to see fairies everywhere she turns."
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Harry looks momentarily startled, then laughs. "A cow! Why what a meek and ladylike reply. If you would curse me, why, do't with some spirit."
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"Ay, much better."

And that settles that, right? She begins to continue on her way.
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Harry snorts and turns back. "Why, because I will not rail upon a lady? I have no quarrel with you."
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Harry's just confused now, though it's confusion edged with irritation. "I cannot tell what you would with me."
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"I care not for gossip and speculation. If you would coo and sigh in wonder about this place, and think because I am a woman I will gladly do the like, well, you have missed your mark."
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She stops. "Why, if you have some true quarrel to make, then make it; some question to ask of me, then ask it."
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Hotspur glances in the direction the girl indicates, but just shrugs. "I do not know. I know her not. I have myself not long been here."
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Sorry, Willie, you haven't stumbled across the most patient or gracious of conversational partners.

For example: "--through a door."
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...she might be, a little.

"No. I had no notion of this place, and would not have come if I did. I turned me straight around to return, and found the door had vanished!" She is still Not Happy about this turn of events. "--of Northumberland, but come I now from Windsor."
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"Oh, did they."

Judging from the girl's clothes, it's nothing she needs to worry about.
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Harry glares at the wall. "I have not. I am told I can do naught but wait."
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"Ay, and so do I, and my business asks much haste. But all upon the other side--" She waves her hand towards the wall. "--rests as it was, or so I'm told."
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Cassian's arm is still feeling tender but the job's done and he enters to a sound of odd beeps behind him, "Yes, I know I need to fix that, Kay."

Then he sighs and heads to the counter in an old army t-shirt covered with grease, cargo pants and combat boots. He watches her take the bottle and laughs, "She'll charge you for that."
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He nods to the counter as he rubs his arm, there's a bandage going down and around his bicep,

"Bar, she's magical which I don't understand but she does keep tabs on what you eat and drink. She's nice too, like a tia who keeps an eye on your eating and reminds you to take care of yourself."
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"Yes, a nice sort who doesn't fuss too much. As long as you can see your door and open it you're not trapped. Where did you come in from?"

Her clothing seems to be from an earlier era but he's learned that's not always a reliable guide here with the other worlds.
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He looks concerned but tries not to show too much, he knows about being Bound though he's never been himself. Food usually helps and he can provide answers even though in Milliways, they don't always help,

"Then you might be here for a little while. I don't think I've ever been there though I've heard Scotland's good and green. My name's Cassian. I was going to get something to eat. I can try and answer any questions to you have."
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"Yes, it is. I know how to cook if you want to eat something you've seen made instead of from Bar. I'm from California on the West Coast of America,"

He's trying to think through what might be her fears.
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"I do. Its a good place to rest and work,"

When a rat goes by, he orders dinner, not specifying, Bar will figure out something simple that will comfort this girl.
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"What's your work? They're safe just odd. There's a library upstairs, garage downstairs and stables outside."
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"Oh, that must be a lot of work. Yes, they're nice,"

He's never done a lot of horseback riding but he likes them.