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Cassian's stretching his shoulders as he enters, he's feeling achey which he hopes isn't the start of whatever the bookseller had.

As he walks to the counter, he loosens his collar and when he begins to order a caf, Bar presents him with a tea. He sighs as he picks up the tea and walks to a couch muttering in Festian, "I'm not sick.

Once he sits, he starts working on his datapad and keeps trying to get comfortable with a few coughs that keep multiplying until he coughs up glitter. He curses and sips his tea, watching all the other sick people in Bar as he finds some tissues as his nose is running.

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Barry returns a short while later, carrying a tray with a bowl and glass of orange juice on it.

"Okay, so like I know you said you weren't hungry, but it has been scientifically proven as fact that chicken soup can pretty much cure all ills, especially colds."

And that is exactly what's in the bowl on the tray Barry sets down, it even looks like it might be homemade soup.

"I also got you some cold and flu gel caps, which might help you out with your symptoms."
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"I'm sure it's not exactly Joe's home-cooked recipe, but Bar assured me it's pretty close." It's just that no one can match or top Joe's.

Reaching into his back pocket, Barry pulls out a box of Alka-Seltzer Cold and Flu tabs.

"Yeah. They're uh, pre-measured capsules. You just swallow a couple of these every few hours and they should help you out." He holds out the box to Cassian; by his fingertips, because glitter snot.
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"The orange ones shouldn't, they're the daytime kind. The green ones will try and put your lights out." Which would be a good thing, to Barry's mind, but if Cassian doesn't want to sleep he at least has options that still involve medicating.
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"Sure, plenty of times," he replies with a shrug. "You won't fall immediately asleep, but they'll make you drowsy and it'll be easier to sleep."

A beat, and then he chuckles. "Unless you're a lightweight like Iris, she takes a couple Nyquil which are similar to those and she's pretty much dead to the world a few minutes later."
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"Good, I'm sure they'll help." Cassian might still have glittery mucus, but at least it'll clear up some, hopefully.
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"I'm sure everybody does," he replies with sympathy. "Those meds should help. And the soup, too."
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"I'm gonna grab a bite first, but yeah. I hope you get better, man." Barry gives Cassian a nod and a smile, glad to see him eating the soup.