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Noriko comes down to the bar today in comfortable clothes, twirling the black lace plugs in her ears, and a very large armful of bulky white yarn: it must amount to several dozen yards when stretched out. Luckily for her it's all in huge wrapped skeins that's somewhat easier to carry, and doesn't take up nearly as much room in the chair with her.

She has about three-quarters of her shape done, which currently looks like a slightly misshapen bag of white stiff knit. When she's done, she'll have a very big--think person-sized--white fox ready to be stuffed. That part may be somewhat more messy to deal with, but she'll manage with several trips to the bar for more stuffing. This should be good, once she has it finished and can sew on the eyes and nose.

completely botherable.
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[ooc: Millitimed outside of snotplot, because Fry doesn't do well with glitter]

Fry walks all the way behind her, before stepping forward and knocking three times on a table.

"What are you making?"
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"Hello." Fry says.

"Coral has lots of cuddly animals on her bed. I just have one."
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"I have a rabbit, it's very soft." Fry says. "I also have a Guardian Bear, but I don't have that one in my bed."
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"Enzo gave it to me when I was a baby, it's a bear with a patch like his." Fry says.

"I traded mine with Coral when she was little because she got a purple one and I liked the colour better than the red one."
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"You don't? He's green, and he's a sprite." Fry says. "He's been coming here since before I was born."
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Fry nods.

"I got rescued by the fire brigade." he says, conversationally.
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"I climbed into a hole because it was noisy, and the trap door shut behind me, and I accidentally climbed out on the roof." Fry says.
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"It was in the ceiling." Fry says. "There was a ladder unattended."
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"I know that now." Fry says. "Nobody ever said I couldn't go in the ceiling before."
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Fry considers this.

"If I know what the rules are I usually follow them." he says. "If I don't know what they are, I can't guess them very easily."
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Fry writes this down.

"Why do children's playgrounds have ladders if they don't want to teach you to go up them?"
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"But if nobody wanted to go up them then nobody would play on them." Fry says.

"Mr Irons said I shouldn't go up ladders unless they are in a children's playground or an adult tells me to."
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"Mr Mags is my class teacher, Mr Irons is my special ed teacher." Fry says.
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"Magnesium-Fitzgerald." Fry says. "But he said we could shorten it because Joram can't say it."