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Ganymede has been not-so-notably absent from the glitter-mania of the Bar of late; he dislikes glitter on him, it being absolute hell to get off in the wash, from clothes and skin.

But today he's sitting in the bar at a table with a mirror--not to look at himself per se, but to learn a particular braid. It's five strands, which he can do with string in front of him just fine, but easier said than done upside-down and backwards on his own head. As soon as he's done with one, he unplaits it and begins another. Who knew having almost waist-length hair was such a hassle?

He's attempting to stay clear of anything sparkly, though how well he does may vary.
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"Would you like a hand with that?" Sinric offers, carrying a glass of apple tea.
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Sinric nods and comes to sit beside him. "I know a few I might teach you? Perhaps you can practice on my hair. It's sometimes easier to learn where you can see. At least to begin with." He asks a passing rat for a comb and starts working the braids out of his own hair.
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"She's a sweet child and fortunate to have inherited her mother's good thick hair rather than her father's fine tangle."

"May I?" He gesture to Ganymede's hair with the comb. "What work are you doing at the moment? Something that requires you to keep your hair out of your face all day?"
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"Thanks to you, she'll grow up to be a strong and beautiful woman."

He hums and combs out Ganymede's hair. "Something firm then, something that will stay neat and not become a tangle for your bees."
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"She is Raganr's daughter. And Lagertha's too. She will teach them the meaning of respect." He assures softly, stroking Ganymede's back as he brushes Ganymede's hair to a shine.
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Sinric covers Ganymede's hand with his own. "What troubles you, my friend?"
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Sinric offers Ganymede his arms. "Do you want to tell me what became of your daughter?"
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"Brief lights, burning brightly before darkening forever. We're are-" He shrugs, "songs, carried in the hearts of those who outlive us. You carry her with you."
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"We become part of each other's songs. Whether we want to or not. Our threads touch, knot, intermingle. We are defined by the ripples our lives leave." He reaches for Ganymede's hand. "Her life might have been short but her ripples are with you still."
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Sinric withdraws his hand, ducking his head apologetically. "Forgive me, my friend. It was not my intent to hurt you further."
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Sinric nods and focuses on braiding Ganymede's hair into something neat and sturdy that will last all day.
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"You have nothing to be sorry for, my friend. You history is yours and yours alone." He strokes a gentle hand over the curve of Ganymede's neck as he tucks the last braid in place.

"Is it by choice that you've not fathered other children?"
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Sinric offers Ganymede an embrace, the comfort of contact. "She must have been something special, drunk or no?"
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"A woman worthy of your company and your respect." Sinric nods, shifting his touch into a light massage.
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"Just so." Sinric lowers his head, accepting the rebuke.

He traces the lines of muscle and sinew, seeking out the knots and easing them.
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"I found you!"

She was never the most physically affectionate of girls, but now that he's here, she does give him a quick hug from the side. Since meeting his 'previous self' in milliways, Gyda had been living in her own room (which thankfully had been kept clean by whatever powers here), waiting for him to return. For all she could now live by herself at their home, she knew that at some point, if he didn't show, people would ask questions. Over all, it was better that she bide her time in milliways.

It took her only a second later (once she got over the shock of seeing him again) to notice what he's doing. "Would you like help?"
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"In a way." She answered, pulling a chair. "YOu were here, but you were hear from the 1700s. I went back home to try and call you, but you didn't answer your phone." Which didn't help in the least. "I've been staying here until you returned."

She took his hair and started braiding it again.
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She shook her head, inwardly cursing herself for not having it. Of course, she was so used to using his cell phone. "You should give me the number now, incase something like this happens."

She reached to start at his hair again. While she didn't entirely have her mother's skill in it, she could manage simple braids. "What style are you going for?"
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She smiled, feeling flattered, however strange it was for a man to braid her hair instead of her mother. The thought made her throat tighten, and she tried not to think on it.

"I actually just tried for the girls football team. I came here to rest afterwards before going home." She was excited to tell him earlier, but she'd been waiting for so long that her nerves about making the team were more prominent. "I'd like to think I did well, but it's in the hands of the coach as well as the gods."
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"That was over centuries ago." She teased back. "You could easily forget after not practicing for so long."

That didn't stop her from reaching to braid his hair for him. "The other girls were really skilled too. I couldn't let up during try outs even for a little." Football was more serious than even track, and while it wouldn't be dishonoring for her not to make the team, it would've still been a blow.