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The comfiest of the couches near the fireplace is taken up by a human-shaped Yrael, lounging in dark green pajama-pants and soft grey t-shirt, reading the New Orleans autumn festival calendar of events.

There is no glitter - there has never been any glitter. Yrael doesn't know what you're talking about.

Were you wanting the couch? Too bad.

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Nope, Teja didn't want the couch. He's in his usual chair, with his guitar for a change, playing 'Wake Me Up When September Ends'.

All vestiges of the glittersnot are gone, except perhaps a few bits of dark red twinkling in the creases of the black jeans he is wearing today.

His new black tee-shirt says 'I SURVIVED THE GREAT MILLIWAYS GLITTER EPIDEMIC' in upper-case letters consisting of dark red glitter, with the word 'glitter' especially ornate. Most likely Pyrrha's work.
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The next song is a bit livelier -- it's Rupi's Dance, one of the best love songs to a cat ever.
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"Greetings, my friend," Teja says quietly, once that song is ended.
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"Indeed, I was," Teja says, after nodding thanks at the great compliment, "and it was not very dignified, indeed. Luckily, I have neither grim reputation nor deadly authority to uphold here."
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"And by me," Teja says. "One would have thought it happened especially for her to play with the clouds of shiny."
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"In what manner did you utter them?"
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"I do not think she inflicted this," Teja says. "Or listens to complaints at the best of times. She is a solid wooden autocrat."

If she listened to complaints, she would have brought Totila, to begin with.
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"Perhaps she deemed it harmless."
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"Was that your first sickness ever?"
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"Was it not a fascinating experience -- something new, finally, after centuries?"
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"It was not nearly as bad as most sicknesses tend to be," Teja says. "So you might say Bar has picked you a favourable illness for that experience."
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"It would be very stupid of the bar to 'ease you into' being more 'human', after all this time," Teja says. "We all like you as you are, Yrael of the many shapes and great hidden powers, and we do not wish to see you brought down to our level of suffering, our narrow mortal ethics, or any such thing."
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"There is a middle ground between paranoia and carelessness that will be good for any one to stay on," Teja nods. "I trust the peace, but I know it can break any moment, and then I must be ready."

Loki might instigate Ragnarök in his world. One of Teja's friends might fight a desperate fight for which Teja would urge his help. Or another one of these apocalypses might happen. You never know.
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"You are too quick to be caught," Teja says.
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"Oh, indeed, let us play something wild and fierce," Teja says, looking unusually enthusiastic.
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Teja is still strumming along gently, making sure that their guitars are perfectly in tune.
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Teja's chords are dark and steady, like somebody swinging an axe at a door until it breaks down.