11 August 2017 @ 05:39 pm
The door opens on a gleaming city where the neon fires of commerce light curving metal walls, and flying cars dart through the air in a complicated dance. Crowds throng the streets, from booted Humanists and gentle Cousins to somber Masons and laughing Europeans.

Someone detaches themself from the crowd and slips through the door: a man, a Utopian, their eyes covered by a silvery vizor, their Griffincloth coat currently displaying a twilit, overgrown temple garden. A green sensayer's scarf winds loosely around their neck.1 They quietly but firmly shut the door, cutting off the sights and sounds of the city.

(On the Griffincloth coat coat, a three-tailed kitsune emerges from behind a tree, sniffs the air, twitches its tails, and bounds off out of sight.)

"Ah! What a welcome surprise! And fortunate too: I need some new material." The Utopian reaches into their coat and pulls out a small notebook and pen, so they can sketch anyone particularly interesting for possible later use in one of their books.

(They might be sketching you.)

1For a more in-depth description of Abe no Seimei Akira Miyazaki's outfit, please see his profile.
10 August 2017 @ 03:37 pm
The front door opens and a tall and broad figure steps in. Heavy boots fall on the wooden floorboards and in his wake is a trail best described as 'yuck'.

In fact Red is coated in the mess, slimy glop that drips down his shoulders and back in pale green, boogery strands. Each foot fall is marked with a squelching sound and a sticky boot-print and when he stops at the counter a huge blob of the junk slops off the ends of his trench coat and hits the floor with a wet 'SPLAT'.

"Gimme a beer and a Baby Ruth," Hellboy requests and Bar provides, along with a stack of super-sized bath towels.

Red takes a seat, ignoring the towels for now in favor of tearing open the wrapper on the candy bar and taking a big bite which gets washed down with beer.

It's been a day.
02 July 2017 @ 09:32 pm
Outside on the grass, from the Scout Hut towards the beach, there is bunting and fairy lights and a large banner.


The fair is here for the whole week, and there's something for everyone, so come along and join us!

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22 June 2017 @ 10:34 pm
Oswin has a plate of cookies. They're actually not bad cookies - chocolate walnut, if we're being precise. And not even burnt.



She has a plate of cookies (she may have accidentally doubled the recipe, but at least it seems that she got the ratios right across the board), and a lemonade, and...


She'll enjoy the summery weather from the booth near the window to the back.

That's... close enough. For now.
22 May 2017 @ 05:59 pm
Emcee is sitting on a sofa near the fireplace.

At his side is a tablet with a browser open to a list of Youtube search results.

What he's doing now, though, is using cellophane tape to attach coins to the soles of his boots, at the toes and at the heels.

Feel free to inquire what on earth he's up to.

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25 April 2017 @ 06:34 pm
Brotherly love is a beautiful thing. Brotherly love, reconciliation. Forgiveness.*

And an enormous platter of food.

Look, Loki isn't sure how long it's been since he last ate, but it's somewhere in the order of months. That's not enough to kill him--though he's happy to let Thor think he's arrived as one of Milliways' dead--but it's enough that once Thor steers him to a seat and orders a meal for them both, he's going to down a phenomenal amount of food. Enough that it would make the most solicitous grandmother proud, if there were a grandmother around to see.

It's all a little too methodical and determined to call feasting. But Loki's not so single-minded that he can't keep a watch on the sights and sounds of Milliways, particularly in the intervals when Thor is off consulting with Bar or ordering more food.

*Actual levels of brotherly love, forgiveness, and reconciliation may be open to debate. Possibly violent debate once Thor and Loki get to talking.

((Not a joint post because Thor-mun is pretty busy for the next day or so, but Thor might be able to drop into some threads.

Bedtime for now but feel free to tag in--I'll get back to you in the morning!))
06 April 2017 @ 07:00 am
Seimei is enjoying the fruits of his labors - that is, the cherry blossoms.

For most of today he can be found somewhere in the foothills or on the mountainsides. He occasionally stops in one of the little stone-lantern-ringed clearings to paint, meditate, do tai chi or play an appropriate song on the koto.
31 March 2017 @ 07:37 am
Some time during the night - though it's hard to say when, exactly, something changed.

Now, in the daylight, one can see that the mountainsides and foothills of Milliways are full of trees with smooth, gray-brown bark. Some trees are saplings, but most are fully grown, somewhere between twenty and thirty feet tall. The twigs of the trees are covered in stubby little buds.

There are winding paths through the cherry trees, and occasional clearings ideal for s rest or a picnic. Stone lanterns are placed at intervals along the paths and around the clearings. At dusk the lanterns will light up with a cheery glow, to be extinguished after sunrise.

[OOC: Reactions only, please! The cherry trees will be at Milliways through April 9th. Check the back room every morning between now and then to see the status of the trees for your roleplaying reference.]
24 March 2017 @ 01:13 pm
A new door opens. The room on the opposite side glows faintly, and the person who steps through looks only mostly (but not really not quite) like a normal human woman. She is very tall, and her skin is very white; pearlescent, one might say. And look, she has a pearl: a big one, set in the very center of her forehead, not affixed by any visible means. Still, hardly strange enough to attract comment in a place like this.

But of course, she doesn't know that about this place yet. Or that she's in any place except where she expected to be. Though that one, at least, it doesn't take long to figure out.

"Hang on," she says when she sees the room. She backs out, shuts the door, then opens it. "What?!"

She tries a few more times. Out, in. Out, in. outinoutinoutinoutin--

"This isn't where that door is meant to go!" she cries.

[ooc: here's pearl from steven universe. she is (at least for now) from early in S1, but could potentially reveal backstory spoilers (but can just as easily avoid them if you want!).]
20 March 2017 @ 04:56 pm
For most of today one can find Abe no Seimei ranging across the mountainsides, navigating steep inclines and rocks and the occasional drift of unmelted snow with the confidence and agility of a mountain goat. He carries on his back a sort of quiver filled with long, slender stakes adorned with flags in a variety of colors.

Occasionally he will stop in a particular spot, close his eyes, and rotate slowly, sniffing the air. Then he will take a flag from his quiver and plant it before moving on.

Seen from a distance, the flags form a rough honeycomb pattern with a few gaps in particularly steep or rocky areas. Most of the planted flags are blue or green. There's a smattering of yellow and the occasional glaring red.

After nightfall he can be found back at the bar, ensconced in a booth and working on his laptop. The screen displays a topographical map of the Milliways mountains overlaid with - what's this? - a rough honeycomb pattern of blue, green, yellow, and red dots.

(He is, needless to say, botherable at either stage of this mysterious survey.)
17 March 2017 @ 09:12 pm
OOM: Seimei makes good on a deal with Moriarty. One of them will probably regret this later.
The bar room of Milliways is always full of sound - the clatter of dishes and clink of glasses, chairs being scooted back or further in, footsteps upon the floor, rats squeaking, the background murmur of conversations overlapping one another.

But tonight the main door to the bar opens to the mouth of an city alleyway, to a caucophony of noise and music, full of seething crowds and colorful parade floats, the smells of food and sweat and smoke and beer and those colorful fruity drinks sold in yard-long plastic glasses with umbrellas in them. Mardi Gras is in full swing and New Orleans has outdone itself this time.

Yrael enters, trailing laughter from a section of the crowd on the other side. His white hair is decorated with purple, gold and green feathers, his pale face partially hidden by a sharp, glittery cat mask of gold, behind which his green eyes are bright. Over his white shirt this evening he wears a shiny waistcoat of purple, gold, green, and black. It's clearly party time, big time, show time -

"And then some!" he grins, seeing Milliways. "Fat Tuesday is upon us, Milliways! Welcome to Mardi Gras! Come, dance, explore! Laissez les bons temps rouler!"

Yrael will make sure the door stays open for any party-goer who would like to partake in the joie de vivre, and the Bar can certainly provide a change of costume...

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10 February 2017 @ 03:46 pm
Since getting things going with Seimei, Jim has not been in a good mood. Despite lovely distractions, at times. Today is a little better than most; on one hand, he has a bottle of whiskey and is working his way down it; he has lunch - mostly ignored at this point - and he has a project. It involves an enormous pile of paper, and a lot of drawing. Also a computer and his modelling device, all of which are open and running. As is his 4D chess game, but that's just so he can play out the moves he's running in his head while his hands are busy.

Which is not to say more distractions wouldn't be welcome. For a given value of welcome, obviously.

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04 February 2017 @ 03:15 pm
Emcee (modestly dressed, no makeup except for eyeliner) comes downstairs, a paperback book in hand. He takes two folded notes from between the book's pages and leaves them with the Bar to be delivered to Abe no Seimei and Sinric. The notes both read:

I would greatly appreciate it if you could help a friend of mine who has lost his memory. Will you please advise? We will be in the bar; or if you miss us, please leave me a note and we can arrange a meeting.

Thank you!

Emcee then makes his way to a quiet corner booth to wait for Eric and/or the recipients of his notes.

The book he is reading is titled 1984.
30 January 2017 @ 11:20 am

Jim comes to the bar fully suited today. There's no fake charm, no easy smiles, nothing but an air of anger, and a suggestion of inevitable...well, he would say violence, but he has no staff on hand to take care of that for him. Inevitable temper then, settled around him like a great, hanging cloud. But it's not directed outwards for once. It's just there. He'll take it out on himself later. 

For now, he buys a bottle of good vodka. A bill appears under the shot glasses it comes with. He scans it, and considers arguing simply because at least one of the cars he blew up was not worth that much, and why would repairs to the floor cost anything in a bar that can fix things by magic?

But he doesn't argue, because he doesn't care. Doesn't argue the cost of replacements for all the things he broke in their suite, either. It's only money. He just takes his vodka to a seat in front of the observation window, and sits down to wait. At least there's a good show to occupy him while he does.

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29 January 2017 @ 04:08 pm
[So, it's been a busy January for Jim. First he took Sherlock away for his birthday, which was perfect. Then, when he was away in Los Santos, his sixteen year old self showed up and had a great time, first with Tess, and then...well, a great time was had with Sherlock too, right up until the moment it really, really wasn't.

He tried to
put it right when he came back, and maybe he did. Maybe he was only allowed to by Sherlock's grace, and the connection they've built. But it's just one more card placed on an increasingly precarious house, just waiting for a strong breath to blow it all down.]

Having made up his mind, Jim doesn't prevaricate. He walks to the bar, asks for a pen and paper, and writes a note that is short, and to the point.

Seimei )

He tosses the pen down, and walks away to the stairs. There, it's done. Or it will be done. He doesn't have to think about it until then. He doesn't want to think about it, ever.

[OOC: Not for tagging, thanks. First three links are NSFW, and the third also contains violence. Remarkably, the fourth one is entirely PG, and no warnings apply to the last.]
16 January 2017 @ 11:48 am
Seimei has been away from Milliways, but now he's back. And doing that silly thing with the shikigami again. This new origami paper he just got has kicked his creative instincts into high gear!

That's why there are flocks of peacocks rendered in colorful paper strutting their way around the floor, venerable-looking miniature owls perched on the shelves behind the Bar, and scale-model paper parrots roosting in the rafters or inviting themselves to people's tables and repeating things they say.

At some point Seimei starts making origami flowers, and has paper falcons deliver them to randomly selected patrons throughout the establishment.
13 January 2017 @ 06:36 pm
The next time Sallie Reynolds or Michelangelo stops by the Bar, they will be delivered a typed note on high-quality stationery. The note says:

I wish to establish a new fund for the Bar, in addition to the two that already exist. The proposed Jubilee Fund will cover the tabs of individuals who live in circumstances of relative poverty in their time and place of origin. The Bar herself will decide who should benefit from the Jubilee Fund, what purchases will be covered, and what constitutes a reasonable expense or allowance.

With your permission, I will make a founding donation for the new fund. Simply ask Bar to deliver a reply to this message. She knows who I am, although as far as everyone else is concerned, I prefer to remain anonymous.

Thank you for your consideration.

The note is, of course, unsigned.

[OOC: Reactions only please. I will make a backroom post when the new fund is officially established, to explain how it works (although it will be pretty handwavey).]
27 December 2016 @ 06:20 pm
Sinric comes down to the bar dressed in heavy furs and carrying a large pack. He stops at the bar, dropping off a small bundle of letters and packages before requesting the last of the tools he needs.

For Ragnar and Athelstan.

For Hannibal, Rae, Emcee, Seimei, Childermass, and Sherlock.

He gives the main room one last look over before pulling his fur hood up and heading out into the snow-covered garden.

In the gloom and falling flakes, he turns towards the mountain and the massive ash tree waiting for him there.

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18 December 2016 @ 03:09 pm
[elf warning}

Seimei and Sinric worked out the elves vanish when greeted with respect.

They have decided to try singing to them. Seimei has been teaching Sinric Christmas carols. Not the modern tacky ones but the older, choral ones. Songs that suit his voice.

Both of them can be found in the main bar, Sinric kneeling before a group of elves as Seimei accompanies on piano.

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