15 April 2005 @ 09:09 am
Esk is in the bar, at the coffee table in front of the fire, magic books open in front of her.

Apparently she's decided there is room in her head to fit in more spells, although most of what she's doing seems to involve staring into space.
15 April 2005 @ 01:22 am
With the evening's televisual feast now concluded, Indy saunters downstairs to get a beer and hopefully see the results of the Alanna frog prank. Halfway down he pauses and blinks, taking in the green hell that has descended on the bar.

Of course, this is the result of their little joke on the innocent lady knight, but he doesn't know that.

"Son of a...!"

He sees Meg hanging from rafters encased in sticky threads and hurries over, not giving a damn for any of the sickening crunches that occur underfoot.
14 April 2005 @ 09:26 pm
[Pre-Milliways: Mike and Indy's suite]

It had been a pleasantly warm Spring day at Milliways and the eaves creak as the chilled night air descends. Nevertheless, the collective body heat of the patrons keeps the temperature high in the bar, almost to the point of stuffiness.

Somewhere in the dark recesses of the attic, huge air conditioning units judder into life. Fans start to propel after months of idle time. Minutes later, a cooling breeze wafts out of the many vents around the bar. Much more congenial for a lazy evening of drinking and socializing.

Unless anyone were staring hard at one of the empty booths at the back of the room, they wouldn't notice five tiny black tree frogs drop from the grate above and disappear into the shadows under the table. Nor would they notice one or two other frogs dropping at intervals from other isolated vents.

But they might well notice the deluge of frogs that suddenly starts to pour out of every grate in the ceiling. Hundreds of frogs in a myriad of colors and a plethora of sizes—some a far cry from accepted species in the Ranidae family. Traditional shades of green and brown are contrasted against vivid blues and golds.

They leap fearlessly through the gaps and fall with their legs comically flailing. Once they regain their webbed feet, they scatter across the bar, spreading out haphazardly without regard for the clientele or their activities (though a more perceptive customer might note a certain purpose in their ranging). Bloated bullfrogs croaking authoritatively, minuscule poison dart frogs seeking elevated positions, bulky leopard frogs forming tight groups.

Only the troops of garden frogs seem in disarray. They hop about randomly, oblivious to the danger and inquisitive of all the new sights and smells.

On the balcony rail far above the chaos, a surly old bullfrog sits and watches intently, flanked by an studious tree frog.
[Pre-Milliways: Cat and mouse... and elephant]

With a distinct lack of pink about his appearance, Indy strolls downstairs and nonchalantly establishes himself at the bar. It's Sunday, so roast beef with all the trimmings is almost immediately forthcoming, accompanied by a glass of Pinot Noir.
08 April 2005 @ 11:24 pm
[Out of Milliways: Amphibious developments]

After a brief chat with Tim, a chipper Indy slides a dazzling new handgun into his waistband and saunters over to the bar. He's still sporting pink, but he seems much happier about the situation.

A beer materializes as he pulls a stool out and settles onto it.
01 April 2005 @ 06:00 am
[A tale of a pranker being pranked

It's on.]
28 March 2005 @ 10:22 pm
Indy wanders down to the bar and takes a stool.

A short while later, he returns with the stool, having replaced a few dead light bulbs in the suite. He sits on the stool in question, ordering a beer and a cheeseburger while he peruses the sudden glut of letters that await him.

He folds the letter from the Twins with a chuckle and follows the instructions, stowing the discrete brown paper bag in his satchel once it appears. Now to set phase two of the plan in motion.

Smirking, Indy asks for a suitable birthday card for Mike. He does well to contain his amusement as he inspects the contents of the bright orange envelope that materializes. Next, he furtively scribbles something down on a separate piece of paper. Finally, he returns the blank card to the Bar, accompanied by the brief note.

( note for Alanna )

An accomplished nod is followed by a slight pout as he scans Romana's letter.

Having spent a good five minutes translating Baldrick's rough penmanship, the pout turns into a deep scowl. He looks around the room suspiciously but observes nothing untoward, so he pockets the last note, writes a quick reply and returns to his meal.
28 March 2005 @ 01:21 pm
Ever since that conversation in the tunnels, Indy has been thinking about Mike's birthday. It's coming up on Friday. Well, one of them at any rate.

He needs help, so he makes a trip downstairs and pens a note.

He looks up at one of the Weasley's posters and does a quick mental calculation, before exchanging some money with the Bar. He attaches the message and the money to one of the owls available for customers and sends it off to Weasley's Wizarding Wheezes.

Then he returns up to the suite with a slightly smug air about him.