02 October 2017 @ 04:04 pm
Sherlock sits in a booth, frowning at his phone as he scrolls between multiple pictures of jewelry. A cup of tea is cooling by his hand, mostly ignored.

If you think he only gives this much attention to evidence of a murder, normally you'd be right. But not today.

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29 September 2017 @ 04:36 pm
Jim stands on the threshold with one hand on the doorknob. His gaze slides across the bar then over his shoulder, where there's a busy street behind him. Everyone passing is speaking Czech, and he seems to spend a long moment deciding whether to head back out, or come in.

The lure of Western food is what does it eventually. He closes the door and heads to the bar, where he stands looking at it for a while. He's dressed a bit differently than usual; still in jeans, but neat ones instead of the baggy 90s style, and a proper shirt instead a T-shirt. His overcoat and scarf look expensive. 

When he doesn't say anything, Bar produces a Coke. He shakes his head, and says, 'coffee, please.' And then, 'I'll have a salad, thank you.'

Lunch appears, along with a cake. It's fudge chocolate, with candles, and a big iced '17' on it. He exhales and slides onto a bar stool, letting his computer bag thunk down onto the floor.

'I didn't ask for that.'

Apparently he's getting it anyway.

12 September 2017 @ 07:46 pm
Point of no return

Jim trips through the door, biting his fist to hold back a scream. Where has all the noise gone? He can't bear the silence, it's not natural. It's not....

...Dublin. Fuck. No. He wasn't expecting Milliways.

He disappears from the bar to try and keep out of sight. But the walls of the generic hotel room close in at once, no matter how much he paces, no matter how much he hits his head to make it work again. The rooms are silent and empty, and he can't bear that either, so he comes back downstairs.

Bar tries to offer a glass of water as he passes. He doesn't even see it, and just heads to the Window. It's busy out there but he can't hear it, no matter how close he presses to the glass. Knowing it wouldn't make any noise out there either doesn't help. He hits the glass. He'd break it if he could. He'd break everything if he could.

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04 September 2017 @ 04:28 pm
Jim is in a ridiculously good mood today. Just...yeah. The sort of mood that makes a person grin at random, and sometimes just laugh out loud (because quite apart from things being brilliant, they are also funny), and just generally exude good humour.

He bounces up to the bar, and says, 'Bar. Darling. Give everyone I like a free drink.'

But this means only three - four? - people will get one. He contemplates for half a beat, then makes an expansive gesture. 

'Screw it. Make that everyone I don't actively despise.'

Hmm. Also a tiny number?

'And everyone I haven't met. But don't tell them who it's from, it'll give entirely the wrong idea. And I'll take some lunch. Early dinner? Whatever. Food. Junk food.

He is presented with pizza. PIZZA. He hasn't had one of them in mooooooonths. This is very very very good day.

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28 August 2017 @ 12:57 pm
[OOM: You don't tell him. You don't tell John.]

Home, finally. This hospital stay was far too long -- and he can admit he made it longer through his own doing (John will not leave that particular point alone, now that they're both back in 221B) -- and it's a relief to climb his own stairs, lie in his own bed, pull on his own clothes.

And it's even more of a relief to open a door in his flat and find Milliways on the other side.

Sherlock Holmes is still looking a bit wan as he enters the bar, but there's no IV stand trailing behind him and the hospital gowns are put away. Back to normal, if his life can ever be called normal.

And there's a gift waiting for him, that he hasn't been able to pick up. First stop is at the bar -- "I believe there's something for me?" -- and he's presented with a viheula, one of the most exquisite instruments he's ever seen.

There's only one thing to do.

He has to learn to play this beautiful thing.

Sherlock sits on the floor near the fireplace to begin doing just that.

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18 August 2017 @ 04:10 pm
Sherlock is dressed down today -- for him -- in silver jeans, a snakeskin jacket, a mesh tanktop embroidered with flowers, and several scarves wrapped around his neck.

He sits at one of the tables, cross-legged in a chair, with a guitar, a notebook, and a pot of tea.

He writes more than he plays. He doesn't really need to hear the music yet. It's loud enough in his head.

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11 August 2017 @ 06:56 pm
[Fabulous, glamorous, and covered in glitter.]

The door to the bar opens to the sound reporters jabbering and photo shutters clicking, and in sweeps Sherlock Holmes.

He's made up, dressed up, and wearing platform heels that make his already six-foot figure even taller.

(He looks amazing. He knows it.)

Press conferences are exhausting. Thank goodness he can get away for a bit in an intergalactic bar.
31 July 2017 @ 12:58 pm
Sherlock had two reasons to leave the hospital today. Yes, the nurses scold him and tell him he's not supposed to just leave; but he brings the IV stand with him everywhere, and he's functioned quite well on stronger drugs.

Reason Number One, another meeting with Magnussen (on his terms, thank you very much, he is not going to subject himself to Magnussen's particular brand of intimidation again.) This one at Speedy's, and which provided a very startling piece of intelligence that he is still mulling over.

He knows it's a deal with the devil. John is worth marching into Hell.

Reason Number Two, he got a very ... troubling. Yes, troubling video over the T-minus from Jim, and -- well.

He's here.
11 July 2017 @ 12:42 pm
Sherlock is allowed to walk a little more every day, provided he brings the IV with him. The practice is good. He's formulating a plan, and he need to be able to travel quite a ways for it, and appear strong during it.

When the door opens to Milliways, he breathes a sigh of relief. His recovery has been fine, visits from his friends and family and all, but he's missed Jim terribly. He searches for him before he takes another step.
26 June 2017 @ 01:33 pm
[OOM: A believable lie is best couched in the truth.; or, a month passes. Sherlock is busy.]

The door opens from a long, brightly-lit corridor in a London hospital. Sherlock walks in wearing a hospital gown with a dressing gown over it, pulling along his IV on a stand. Technically he's only supposed to walk to the end of the hall and back -- but a little rest at the end of the universe should be fine, right?

He takes in all the changes, toys, and creatures that suddenly populate the bar in a glance. He sighs, wraps the dressing gown tighter around himself, and tugs the IV stand along to the nearest comfortable chair, which he folds himself into as best as he's able.
22 June 2017 @ 10:03 pm
Sherlock has been very useful lately, and also full of interesting information.

Jim is not liking any of it. Something is definitely afoot. And normally it would be none of his business, except it's Sherlock so it is his business. With Mary Morstan in the picture, and Magnusson coming over the horizon - followed by his assistant, who will be lucky to get out of this alive - Jim is done sitting on the sidelines.

It necessitates doing something he does not want to do. But when has that ever stopped him? So he takes Mycroft's business card one day, and touches it to the handle of the front door. It opens. Jim looks out on the view for a long few moments, then stretches his neck to the side, and closes it again. 

The suit he's wearing is impossible. So he comes back ten minutes later in skinny jeans and basketball trainers, with a zip-up hoodie and dark shadows painted under his eyes. His skin looks whiter than normal, because he's made it so. He doesn't hesitate again. This is a trip that has to be made, so he's making it.

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02 June 2017 @ 05:20 pm
At some point, Sherlock left the bar.

He must have, because he comes back in -- in the Belstaff coat and carrying a violin case, which is not unusual.

But under the coat, he's wearing a morning suit.

And he came in looking rather melancholy -- weddings are not easy, and this wedding was even less so -- but he cheers up as soon as he sees where he is.

A certain someone will be very happy to see him, he's certain. Especially in this get-up.
25 May 2017 @ 12:44 pm
So. This is...pretty awesome. Far more fun than dealing with an old manuscript, which is what Jim had thought he'd be doing next time he found this place. He blinks at the decor for a second, then goes to investigate.

Ten minutes later, he has a lightsaber (red, natch) in one hand, and piece of cake in the other. He examines the games on one table, and plays around with them for a bit. But there are other things, so he heads outside and whooshes around with the lightsaber for a while spends half an hour climbing over the ships on display. But there's a flight simulator! And actual pod-racers!

The racers get the first go, because he has a feeling he won't be getting out of the simulator once he's in it. And it's a beautiful day, made even more so by zipping around the place in a Star Wars pod. Excellent fun!

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galen erso]

02 May 2017 @ 07:28 pm
Jim would rather not be here, it's fair to say. After introducing Sherlock to his new place of work, and securing somewhere modest to live, he'd prefer to be out there thinking up fun ways to terrorise the citizens of Los Santos, and making interior design choices. But seeing as his younger self showed up while he was away and certain things went badly, he figured it was better to come back and make sure the kid couldn't get back in and vent his frustration. Also, three days were up, and there's a certain fiction to maintain.

This is why he can be found at a table by the Observation Window, leafing through magazines that all claim to be able to provide him with the ideal home. He very much doubts it - none of the pictures involve rooms full of computers, a chemist's lab, or any surveillance equipment at all - but some of the paint combinations are nice. It keeps him from trying to find someone who can time-travel him back a few years, so he can throttle himself, at least. 

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20 April 2017 @ 06:02 pm
Sherlock comes through the door, so engrossed in his book that he doesn't even notice he's no longer in Baker Street.

That's he's barefoot and in his dressing gown and pajamas and no longer in Baker Street.

He just finds the likeliest armchair and curls himself into it. Somehow a six-foot-tall man compacts himself down into its space quite comfortably.
18 April 2017 @ 04:13 pm
Some people, if they were in the bar when Jim Moriarty was last around, might have noticed a few events. Such as Jim getting his baseball bat smashed by a magic hammer, and Jim himself getting carted off to the cells.

(Thor is many things, but subtle is rarely one of them.)

Some time later, Thor emerges from the Security office, with a look of suppressed exasperated annoyance that makes him look rather like a very shiny and warrior-like teacher of thirteen-year-olds.

He leaves two notes with Bar. The first is a note from Jim to Sherlock, written in pink crayon: Locked up again, darling. Two nights. You don't have to visit, but can if you like. xxx

The second is one to X: My friend, I trust that you and yours are well. I wished to inform you that I have arrested Jim Moriarty for violence attempted upon an innocent creature in the bar. My sentence was two days in the cells, but if you wish to alter it to something you find more creatively fitting, I make no objection. I did not increase his sentence for being annoying, but I was sorely tempted. By my hand, Thor Odinson.

[OOC: First link goes to an EP that contains animal abuse; second link just goes to a visiting post for Moriarty in the cells. He'll be there for two days, and it's open to visitors! Edit: probably going to be at least some references to animal abuse in the Wilford thread in the comments to this post, too.]
15 April 2017 @ 04:26 pm
Jim had a lovely day yesterday, and is in a great mood. So great he's in danger of getting annoyingly manic, which is why he's brought himself downstairs. Better to annoy random others than Sherlock. Unfortunately, that also means that he's at a loss for things to entertain him - he tries a walk, but is bored within ten minutes. The music in his headphones isn't enough, making Bar flick through a few hundred TV channels gets old very soon, and he only manages twenty minutes on the piano before shutting the lid and tapping his fingers over it restlessly.

And then he spots the dog. And smiles.

Ten minutes later he can be found crouched on a sofa by the fire, with Buster's Bonehead's baseball bat in one hand, and a dog biscuit in the other. This thing is going to learn to sit, one way or the other. Every time he manages it on command (mostly by accident), he gets half a biscuit. Every time he doesn't...well, even a half-chewed bat does the job it was intended for. 

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28 March 2017 @ 12:19 pm
As he suspected he would, Jim caught Sherlock's - heh, Rory's - stupid bloody cold. He went to bed angry, frustrated, and sick to the back teeth of this entire bloody bar.

He wakes up with a Welsh accent, a body that feels weirdly exhausted, and a whooooole lot of surprise at finding himself in a bedroom that is not wallpapered in Laura Ashley, cluttered with years' worth of books and theatre junk. Gethin has never set foot in a room so opulent, and so incomprehensible to him. He spends a good hour looking at the clothes, the books, the...frankly pornographic, yet extremely beautiful...photography on the wall of the library (the centrepiece of which involves his own face, and the blurred figure of a much taller man in the background. He doesn't look at it for long.) Everything is very, very weird.

In short, Gethin Roberts does not have a bloody clue what's going on. But at least there are clothes he recognises - comfortably 80s in style - and if the cold he's got means he can't go searching Jonathan out, at least there appears to be a...bar, downstairs?

What. The Actual. Hell. 

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26 March 2017 @ 02:40 pm
Sherlock Holmes went to bed feeling sniffly and feverish.

Rory Slippery woke up feeling fairly energetic and eager to experience something new, which is why when the Bar asked him to tend for a bit -- calling him by the wrong name, but he doesn't mind -- he happily accepted.

Today's Specials

... he's not up on the latest cocktails.
17 March 2017 @ 04:30 pm
Sherlock comes through the door, bringing in chilly winter-in-London air along with him. He pauses to look around and faintly smile, and then he takes the stairs to his and Jim's suite.

It's a few hours before he returns again, dressed much more casually than when he came in, and he goes to the bar to order dinner for himself, for now, and breakfast for two, to go.

It's good to go home, but it's better to be back.

... though there does seem to be a large number of people sniffling and looking miserable.

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