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0.hidden track: the rotator slips

[OOM, arguably pre-canon: If fate is a millstone, we are the ones that make it turn.]

The door opens to admit a dark-haired slip of a girl in black. From the look of her, this may not be where she was expecting to find herself. Somebody may want to clear that up.

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As is wont to happen to people who stand in the doorway, someone comes in directly behind her--a certain football-headed boy, in fact, with a baseball bat (with glove dangling off the end) propped over his shoulder.

"Sorry, 'scuse me," Arnold says as he tries to maneuver around her.

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Arnold takes pause at her wording.

"I've never heard anybody call it that before."

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"Uh," says Arnold, "it's the bar at the end of the universe. Welcome to Milliways?"

Excuse him for being a little startled; even leveling down from the icon, this is the most radical reaction he's gotten to far to the shape of his head.

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"I'm pretty sure you don't get to walk out of...well, you know." Arnold tries not to stare at the sword. "This is just a sort of meeting place. Lots of different worlds meet. Most people find it hard to believe at first."

He did, at least.

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"I don't know," Arnold admits. "There must be a lot, since there's so many people here."

Kid logic get!

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"It's permitted because the landlord permits it, and I can see you with my eyes." He points at them for emphasis.

See, these are easy questions!

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"The rules are different in Milliways sometimes," Arnold says. "Weird stuff goes down."

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For a moment, Arnold looks totally lost. But then a proverbial (not literal, sadly) lightbulb goes off.

"Nothing," he says with a smile. "It's a figure of speech. It means that weird stuff happens around here."

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"Aw, ruin a good joke, why don't you," he laughs. "There are rules here, though. Just three."

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Arnold holds up three (of his four) fingers and ticks them off as he speaks.

"No violence, no sex, and no outside business."


"Oh, and the first drink is free."

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"I think dead people live here," Arnold says with a shrug. "It's just a thing, I guess. But if you bring outside business in you get thrown in the cells!"

Which sounds exciting to a nine-year-old, but isn't nearly so much so in practice.

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"I've never been in danger here," Arnold says innocently. "It's a pretty calm place."

'Pretty calm' might be a little bit of an exaggeration.

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(OOC: Bwahahaha Awesome. I'll have to send my boy along after I get back from my run. :D)

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The door opens again, to admit someone who is not a dark slip of a girl. For one, he is not, most assuredly, a girl. As well, he is rather much taller.

Thirdly, you would have to know him much better than to just look at him to discover how he is dark.

"I'm afraid I must get back to my cataloging! It was very nice seeing you, please come back soon! ♥!" He calls, backing through the door on his wooden sandals, half-bowed to someone in the other room.

Once he slides the door closed, the false cheer slides off his face for a moment as quickly as paint. Some people just will not take a hint.