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[Sebastian finally starts his trip to Illyria]

It's good, Sebastian (or Roderigo, or Cesario) has decided, that Antonio came with him. Without him, he would have had to rely on good manners and hospitality to get by -- and while he is well-mannered, and the farmers on the road hospitable, the addition of a few coins has eased their way.

Still, Milliways is a welcome surprise, and he settles himself (still dressed in mourning black, though it's gathered its share of brown from dust and mud) at a bar stool.

"Whatever you wish," he says, and is presented with a bowl of beef panang. It's... orange. He pokes it with the included fork, gingerly.

[ooc: if your character knows Cesario (or Viola), please read Sebastian's profile :)]
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Well...that was quick. Okay!

Hal drapes himself familiarly onto the seat next to Viola (because clearly it's Viola) (or rather Cesario) and looks more than a little smug. "Back so soon?"

Yeah, she couldn't stay away from him. He knows how hard it can be.
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"Why--to be sure thou didst give no set date. But from thy somber looks, thy long face at the parting, I did think 'twould be some time."

(okay so maybe there weren't really somber looks and a long face, but that's just because viola was putting on a brave front)
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He sees the surprise--and takes it for silent commentary on his embellishment of events. Well fine, Viola, be a stickler for the truth. He'll just make a face back! And be Super Offended (lol).

"Dost call me liar to my face? Wouldst slight mine honor?"
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"Never. Well--once in a while, for thou hast an impish wit about thee. But I'll not call thee cruel when thou hast come back to us here sooner than I had dared to look for."

No, seriously--he may have been smirking earlier, but he means it now. It's nice to have you back, Viola. "And how hast thou fared abroad? Well?"
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He searches Viola's face and his own smile falters. Is it that illness come around again? He'd thought she had escaped with only a bad cold, not with the hallucinatory fever that had affected him; but maybe not. "Are you not come from service at the court?"