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Jim wanders downstairs around midday, a man on a very clear but laid-back mission. He's dressed down from his usual life, but there's no question of ever appearing like a normal person. He's barefoot, in skin-tight leather trousers, and a loose black shirt of which he's only bothered to fasten one button in the centre. There's a lot of smooth white skin on show, leading up to a heavy collar fastened around his neck, leather and studded. His hair is an artful mess, and of course he'd never dream of going out in public without heavy application of black eyeliner.

He heads straight for the piano, carrying his guitar and a practice amp. But first things first; a rat is sent for a bottle of champagne on ice, three cold beers and a bottle of whiskey, and he empties half an ounce of cocaine out onto the top of the piano. This is all necessary for the creative process - and he wastes no time in getting on with it, plugging the guitar in and strumming quiet chords, singing along in a voice that's almost gentle, but with an unmistakeable throaty rasp. Say what you like about his lifestyle, he's very good at what he does.

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Will's been camping out in the bar, trying to stay warm and comfortable while he dried out. This morning (it's totally morning if you're just waking up) he's actually wearing more than just his trousers. He's put on his coat too. And one of his swords. On his way to go let his dog outside for a while, he finds himself passing by Jim, and accidentally-on-purpose knocks the cord to Jim's device out of the wall.

Sorry? No, not really.
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"It's too damn early for that noise."

And Will may be more than a little hungover.

He opens the door for his dog and makes sure the animal's well out of the way before he swings it shut again. He considers going back to the fireplace, but that's a long way to go when you're feeling like the ass-end of a mule, so he finds a nearby seat and claims it for himself.
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Will just closes his eyes and waits it out. His pistols are way over there by the fire, and unlikely to fire without some maintenance, so the little scoundrel gets away with it this time.

He does have a sword though. Maybe he can stab that infernal device.

"Are you quite done?" he asks as the noise begins to fade out.
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Will has no idea if he's supposed to be impressed or not. Because he sees an idiot in a collar standing before him.

"I'm not doing anything to upset the peace around here."

The only cure for how he's feeling right now is hair of the dog. As a rat scurries by, Will flags it down and orders a bottle of rum. Maybe then he'll feel better, and more equipped to deal with whatever this is.
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"How about I pay you to stop?"

It's not even music. It's just noise.

Will digs through the pockets in his coat, and eventually comes up with a small purse with some large gold coins in it. He throws one of them at Jim.
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Will's rum gets here, so he distracts himself with that. He pulls the cork out and throws that at Jim as well.

"Who in their right mind pays to hear something like this?"

Will downs a large amount of rum, hoping it either cures his hangover, or makes him pass out so he doesn't have to listen to this noise.