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There is an glittery, glimmering, positively iridescent white cloud perched on the edge of the bar, its tail lashing restlessly this way and that. Having given up trying to keep the splashes of metallic-hued glitter from his fur, Yrael has turned his efforts towards working up a massive sulk.

The effect may be ruined by the occasional kitty sneeze - embarrassingly cute at the best of times - of silver and copper-hued glitter.

Yrael hates everyone in this bar.
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Barry, totally cheerful and completely healthy, comes in to take a seat at the bar and spots the fluffy ball of misery.

Aww, the poor kitty.

"Hey little guy, don't tell me you got the awful cold going around, too?"
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That look is rather withering and Barry drops his shoulders about to look contrite, but the sneezing turns it into another 'aww' expression.

He's sorry! It just looks incredibly cute!

"I'm sorry, I wish I could help you. Veterinary medicine isn't really my forte."

He thinks a moment about what a cat would like, and never having owned a cat he goes with the possibly cliche, "Would you like something to eat? Maybe some fish?"
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Well, that looks like interest to Barry, so he's quick to act on the offer, turning to Bar.

"Bar, can I get some fish for this kitty?"

Barry is expecting a can of tuna, or maybe a sardine, he blinks in surprise at the beautifully plated, pan-seared salmon dish that appears instead.

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He's not the only one sulking. There's also a girl wrapped in a blanket who is seething...or at least trying. The sneezing fit that strikes her, and the accompaning purple glitter cloud, kind of ruin the effect.
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Normally, that would be so gross. But given she's making her own sparkly cloud and discharge, eh.

But CAT!

She bends down and offers the cat a sniff of her hand. Assuming that is welcome, she'll reach to pet its shoulders and likely move on to where ever it prefers. "That is so unfair that you have to be sick too."

The sparkly shiner will likely scent many cats on the little girls person. All from her world and all from the city.
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"Well, you're feeling well enough for pets. I bet that means you have an appetite as well." She stands back up and heads to Bar, ordering a shallow bowl of cream and a plate of tuna.

Maybe there's more cures than scritches?

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Teja is nearby, occasionally sneezing dark red glitter.

Nahts, the newest kitten, is gleefully covering her black fur with it, the chases her own tail because it glitters.

She is young and easily amused.
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The kitten squeals with delight and pounces at the nice shiny in the air. Who knew that life could be such fun!

Oh, look, there's the White One!
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Nahts is a kitten -- of course she pounces at the tail.

Teja, who is watching between glittery sneezes, raises an eyebrow at Yrael, as if to say, 'If you're sure...?'

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It is, truly, an impressive sulk.

Ganymede would know. He sits next to Yrael on a barstool--he is noticeably sans glitter on his person, seemingly hale and healthy--with a lifted brow. "Hello, Yrael," he says. "Would you like some help with all that glitter?"
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"I could brush it out for you, and though I attempt to avoid glitter in most forms, I know a few tricks," he says. "Hairspray helps, though it takes a short while to dry."

Ganymede's used it before to great effect after parties. And other things.
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"It usually does," he says, amused. "But in the meantime, a handkerchief will help keep you neat."

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[personal profile] visible_sariel 2017-09-14 04:48 am (UTC)(link)
Does Yrael really hate everyone in this bar?


Even the red-shirted somebody approaching from the direction of what's probably, for her, the front door?

Three weeks, subjectively, with no door, and the first person Sariel sees on her return is a thoroughly glittery not!cat of a friend. This can't possibly be a bad thing.

... Can it?

"Yrael! Why are you... sparkling?"

((OOC: I could. not. resist! You've given me the impetus to get Sariel back inna bar.))
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He's right. If this were her own universe, Sariel would be in quarantine by now if she were a vector for glittery doom. Such is usual Federation standard when unknown illnesses are afoot - a-nose? As for procedures in the bar--well. That's admittedly a bit different, but she *did* just find a door for the first time in weeks, so.

"A glitter plague? As in, a plague of... random party decorations? {How long have I been *away*?}" That last is somewhere between exasperated and bemused, because clearly she's missed a few somethings in the intervening time, here.

Sneezing rather than being randomly covered in falling sparklies hasn't occurred to her quite yet. Wait until she witnesses a kittysneeze. In other words, give it a second or two. Heh.

((OOC: Wheeeee! But poor Yrael. :P))
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