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Ellen has been busy. Very busy. Post-apocalyptic Philadelphia is not the worst of cities- so far as she knows that distinction goes to Pittsburgh- but it's... well, it's still a post-apocalyptic city run by ice gangs and weirdoes and it's got mutant hippos in the rivers and there is a persistent legend that people don't try to cross the river because plants on the other side will eat them. And in her experience you can't deny that possibility. So she's been busy.

But the door opened to the Bar today, and she is grateful for any chance to be somewhere that does not smell like the shores of the Schuykill, and she will apologize to you if the attempts she has made at cleaning up and changing into her old blue Vault suit with the 101 across the back have not been enough to get the reek entirely gone. Just let her have her beer in the process, okay?
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Cassian's stretching his shoulders as he enters then stops at the smell.

He shakes his head, its odd and then sees Ellen, "Messy mission?"
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"Be careful with wishes like that. A cold just went through here which involved sneezing up glitter,"

He nods, he knows how some smells can be like that and orders a caf.
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"Yes, it was an awful cold just with glitter," A lot of its been cleaned up but some places like the couches still have an extra shine.
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"Its not and it comes in far too many colors," That was the disturbing part, those colors shouldn't come out of a body.
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"Oddly it didn't, not more than anything hurts when you're that sick. That was a small mercy. Yes, thankfully but I had it for almost a week,"

He's still finding glitter though he cleaned everything as best he could but the ridges of his jacket have an extra shimmer.
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"Not at all, I understand. I was getting ready to go on a job when it hit and had to stay here while I got better,"

He couldn't risk that glitter out where he was working.
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"Yes, actually I've been out and found a door while on a job. I know, I've never regretted wearing a Corellian cut jacket before,"

Though most of his jackets have places where the glitter could have been caught.
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(OOC: Heading out, will be slower.)

He looks down into his caf before shaking his head,

"No, I'm not from Corellia. I'm from a tiny planet in the Outer Rim. A lot of pilots are from Corellia and somehow they've ended up the style most of us wear."

Corellia is also one of the major forces in the Rebellion which gives it more influence.
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"I can see the logic of that but I've got an old flight vest I wear when flying over this to keep warmer. Most ships are too cold,"

Even the nicer ones, if he's flying he likes layers.
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"I'm sorry to hear that, its good to have what control you can especially when flyers,"

Its one of the reasons he learned how to fly, to get control of where he goes and how.
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He notes her hesitation but won't ask if she's quiet,

"That's good. And you've never wanted to go into the black after that?"
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That's a dramatic no, time to change the topic, "Oh, right. How are things going in your world?"
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"That's good. What kind of droids are you building? I've repaired and reprogrammed but never built one from the ground up,"

At the mention of the birds he makes a face, "That's awful. Were they dangerous?"
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He opens his mouth closed it as he processes droids that need a living component, that seems wrong. Enhancements and implants are chosen,

"That's a good variety of types and useful that they're not too specialized. What does a penguin look like?"
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"Simple is best at the beginning until you know what you need. How many penguins did you have to deal with?"

They sound like they could be tricky to fight.
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"That's an idealistic way to live in your world," He admires that they try but it seems foolish.
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"Allies like you so it is working for them. Nice to think it can," Its not something he could imagine working in his world.
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"Yes and they won't care who's in their way,"

The Empire wouldn't, they'd have to make it look pretty for the holonet but they've done that before.
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"I can understand that," Its what he does in some ways, he can fight so one day no one has to.